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Tailoring Service

You’ve seen the perfect curtains in someone else home and you love the material and feel you must have them in your own home. Bring that design to our expert tailoring team and your can have them within recorded time to the lowest price you can expect from the market.

You can choose materials, the design and the size of the curtains, and will tailor make it and delivery to your door step and if you want can install it at recorded time.

All you’ll have to do is stand back and admire your new decorated home.

Installation Service

Let the trained professionals handle the installation of your curtains for you. Our installation team use modern equipments & their professional experience to deliver an impressive service that transform the look & feel of your windows.
This hassle free service is available to your customers who purchase our curtain products and or curtain tailoring service.

Re-Cushioning Old Sofas

Transform your old shabby looking sofa to Showroom Condition at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Our re cushioning/ re-upholstery service is a cost effective way to bring comfort, style and life back into an old sofa. Our highly skilled in-house team can transform your old sofa set and give old cushion chairs a new look. Whether you would like to replace or restyle your suite cushions, we specialize in making replacement sofa cushion inners and covers using quality products from luxury natural and synthetic fillings to our vast range of contemporary and traditional fabrics. With such an abundance of choice you can tailor every aspect to your specific requirements, restoring your furniture to its former glory!

Material Sourcing / Importing

If you need any clothing or related items but cannot find it in Sri Lanka, we can find it from reliable international suppliers at a price that meet your budget. With well established global ties, Gi Trade Center has the expertise & the human resources to source and deliver those products to your doorstep.

Contact us with your specific requirement today and we will get back with the supplier and the minimum order possible.

Curtain Cleaning & Maintenance

How beautiful or expensive your curtains are gradually they collect dust, dirt and harmful bacteria – giving awful overall vibe to your interior. And regular cleaning & maintenance is a must to keep your interior and the inhabitants healthier. It will also increase the life of curtains, keeping them fresh and, in the long run, saving you money too.

For this problem we offer curtain cleaning and maintaining service at affordable rates. We provide a personal and bespoke professional service to both residential and commercial clients.